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Gerli Tomingas

Accountant- Partner

Gerli is an experienced accountant.

who has diverse experience, including working with various accounting software, such as Hansaraama, Merit, and Merit Palk. Currently, she works as an accountant in a large international manufacturing company in Estonia, where her tenure has been nearly 5 years. Before that, she worked for over 10 years in companies providing accounting services

In addition to her practical experience, Gerli is pursuing master's studies at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, demonstrating her commitment to continually expanding her knowledge and competence in the field of accounting. Her professional journey emphasizes her dedication to accounting and her ability to effectively handle various roles and responsibilities. Gerli is devoted not only to her professional growth but also to educational self-improvement, as reflected in her master's studies. She has proven herself as a versatile professional, successfully navigating the complexities of accounting and the dynamic structures of large companies. Her consistent desire to learn and grow makes her a valuable asset to any organization where her knowledge and experience can be fully utilized.