Accounting Price List in Estonia

The price of FinanceOwl OÜ accounting services depends on the specific needs of your company.

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Basic package
59€ / month
  • Setting up accounting
  • Entering 20 purchase and sales invoices
  • Entering bank transactions
  • Depreciation accounting for fixed assets
  • Compiling and submitting declarations
  • *VAT is added
99€ / month
  • Setting up accounting
  • 21 kuni 50 ostu- ja müügiarve sisestamine
  • Entering bank transactions
  • Depreciation accounting for fixed assets
  • Compiling and submitting declarations
  • payroll for 1 employee
  • *VAT is added
Correcting accounting

Correcting previous periods accounting

From 79€
  • Consultation
  • Checking previous periods reports
  • purchase- and sales invoices controlling and entering
  • Controlling and inserting bank transactions
  • Previous periods reports compiling and submitting
  • Compiling and submitting overdue declarations
  • Setting up for continuous accounting
  • *VAT is added
Annual report

Compiling and submitting annual report

From 59€
  • *VAT is added
Other services
  • Payroll
  • Consultation
  • Tax consulting
  • Registering a company in Estonia
  • Submitting annual report for company with board member without EE residency and e-residency

What does the cost of the basic accounting service package include?

For small and startup businesses, it's important to find a suitable and affordable accounting service that meets their needs without excessively burdening the budget. Our accounting firm has made this task easy by offering various service packages, with our basic package being particularly suitable.

Meie baaspakett on mõeldud ettevõtetele, kelle tehingute maht on tagasihoidlik ja soovivad siiski kindlustada korraliku raamatupidamise. Selle teenuspaketi kuutasu algab vaid 59 eurost. Mis sisaldub baaspaketis?

  1. Basic Accounting Services: The basic package includes essential accounting services such as handling purchase and sales invoices, monitoring bank transactions, and maintaining other necessary accounting documentation.

  2. Filing VAT (Value Added Tax) declarations:We are here for you in preparing and submitting VAT declarations, thereby ensuring compliance with legal tax obligations.

  3. Consulting and Advisory Services: Our professional accountants provide you with guidance and consultations in the fields of accounting and taxation, helping you better understand your company's financial situation. In more complex situations, we handle communication with the Tax and Customs Board on your behalf.

The basic package is an ideal choice for companies that are just starting out and do not require a complex accounting solution. However, as your company's transaction volume increases and becomes more complex, you can always upgrade to our advanced service packages, which offer more services and specialized advice according to your needs.

Managing your company's finances is crucial, and our goal is to make it as simple and affordable as possible. Don't let accounting concerns and costs impact your business operations. Choose our basic package and entrust your accounting to our experienced professionals. Contact us to discuss your company's specific needs and find the most suitable solution for you. Get the best price for accounting services from us.

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